Search Engine Ordering

About Search Engine Ordering

Search Engine Ordering (short: SEO) is an extension for Mozilla Firefox with several features for those often using the search bar. The main features are:


Install Search Engine Ordering 0.9.6

Or install from Mozilla Update if you trust them more.

This Software is distributed under the terms of MPL/PGL/LGPL and therefore on an "AS IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing rights and limitations under the License.

Bon Echo Compatibility

I am often asked when a compatible version of Search Engine Ordering with Bon Echo (Firefox 2.0 Alpha) or Minefield (Firefox Trunk) is to be expected. The answer: There'll never be one. This is because the Firefox Devs decided to implement the features of SEO directly into Firefox. (Only the "Hide Add Engines" option will be missing but that will be replaced by a very useful "Manage Engines" so I don't think many will feel a need for this anyway.) I plan to develop an extension (under a more descriptive name) for Firefox 2.0 that adds Folders and Separators but I cannot begin until Bon Echo is feature-save (first Beta or so). Until then you cannot expect many new features in SEO. Firstly because I myself as a Nightly users could not use it anyway and secondly because all the work would have gone useless with the release of Bon Echo (which will be too soo, IMHO) anyway. I will continue fixing bugs in SEO until Bon Echo is released though.