Search Engine Ordering


Dragging the Menu Item of Yahoo from one position to another
Rearranging the Search Engines
Context Menu of the Engines: Remove Engine, Custom Order, A > Z Sort Order, Z > A Sort Order
Context Menu of the Engines
The Tab 'Options' of Preferences Window lets you show/hide a SEO item in the Tools menu and the 'Add Engines' item in the Popup for choosing a Search Engine
The Tab 'Options' of SEO's Preferences Window
The Sort Tab also lets you rearrange the engines; also features an option to reset the order to the default (requires a restart)
The Sort Tab: just another but more complicated way for changing the order of the engines
First select the option 'Add this search to the searchbar' from the Context Menu of a search field; Then press in the opened Dialog Ok; The Engine appears in the Dropdown and can be used from now on
Shows, how a Search Engine can be added to the Search Bar Dropdown Menu